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Below you should find all you need to know about our delivery, returns, refund and exchange policies.



Ensure you consider access to the location when ordering your product. It is crucial you measure all doors, corridors, and stairwells to ensure your item will fit. We will not be held responsible for complications related to item fit, and all re-deliveries and alterations will be charged.
We individually package each product in custom-built enclosures made up of 4″ x 2”-inch wood preventing stress and flex from being transferred to the item during transport. Finally, the enclosure is wrapped in chipboard and sealed with plastic.

Delivery and packaging costs are determined by item size and weight, as well as the delivery address. During your order confirmation, you will be informed of your final cost.

Access issues or other obstacles that result in attempted and failed deliveries will result in charges for the customer as well as the cost for any necessary modifications.

The delivery date or time stated are only estimates. While we will make all reasonable efforts to deliver the goods within the agreed time or time frame, we cannot be held responsible for any losses caused by late delivery and cannot compensate the Buyer if the arranged delivery date is missed or cancelled.

We use third-party delivery companies, and we will provide them with your contact information to arrange delivery. The delivery companies are responsible for arranging delivery and may not always be able to accommodate your requests on delivery dates.

Although we will attempt to make deliveries in one consignment, we reserve the right to deliver goods in more than one consignment should the need arise.

The Buyer will be responsible for any additional delivery charges incurred if the Buyer fails to comply with the agreed delivery date.

It is the Buyer’s responsibility to inspect the goods upon delivery for damages. Please inform us immediately if any of the goods are damaged.

No refunds or repairs can be issued for damage caused in transit if the delivery company’s POD (proof of delivery) is signed by the customer without any mention of damage.

A customer may be asked to arrange for several additional people to assist with the delivery of large orders during the ordering process. In the absence of such an agreement, the drivers reserve the right to refuse delivery if the order is too heavy and dangerous for the drivers to lift alone.

Products, Materials and Design


Returns, adjustments, alterations, or refunds will not be accepted due to customer preferences regarding patterns, colour variations, or any other elements associated with the tile. Depending on the chosen design, a single piece of tile can show different patterns.

All our products can be customised to suit your space. A dimensional tolerance limit of 0.3% applies. Sizes provided by the customer are assumed to include fixtures and fittings and to be the total dimensions of the product.

For items that need to fit precisely into an alcove for example, it is important that you specify the exact measurement needed. When the measurement is under the *0.3% tolerance, we are unable to assume responsibility for an item that does not fit or is too small.

Our design team will only assume partial responsibility for design, functionality, and stability issues arising from customer design specifications and drawings. The material should not be selected based on a specific graphic face or area within the material.

The company cannot be held responsible for damages caused by any adjustments or amendments to orders made by customers, such as fitting their own legs to tabletops etc.

The Company cannot be held responsible for a customer’s preference to design details that are not disclosed to us at the time of the order, but we will make educated assumptions based on the product’s style and functionality.

Unless otherwise noted, our products leave us assembled.

All our items will be quite heavy. Before you place your order, please specify if weight is a concern.

Whenever a product is to be fixed to a wall, floor, or similar surface, it is ultimately the duty of the customer to check whether the wall type, property type, etc. is suitable for that product. In no case will we be held responsible for any damage caused to a property during the process of attaching the furniture to the wall or floor. Whenever possible, we recommend customers hire a skilled tradesman.

Cancellations, Refunds, Returns & Alterations


Once work on bespoke products has begun, we cannot accept returns or cancellations. If you are placing an order, make sure you have all the details correct, and that you are happy with all the decisions made.

While we always strive to provide quality products, mistakes are possible. If you receive damaged, incorrect, or faulty goods, we will, of course, repair or replace them. Damaged areas should be described in writing, with photos if possible.

If you receive faulty or damaged goods or an incorrect order, we will do our best to provide you with the correct product, but we cannot offer any further discounts or refunds.

The customer will be charged if additional design drawings are requested or if changes are requested to the drawings already in use.


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