No matter which finish you choose all LPT surfaces provide the same level of scratch, etch and stain resistance. They are virtually maintenance free, extremely hard wearing and do not require sealing or periodic re-sealing.


Using a natural surface will give you the highly sought-after rustic look of natural material. Your surface will have the same appearance as the real material through unique marks, patterns, and textures, creating a warm and organic look. Unlike our polished marble collection, the natural marble collection does not feature a highly reflective surface. It is instead softer and less reflective for a more understated but high-end look.




Polished surfaces showcase a full range of tones, from bright highlights to rich shadows, with a glossy, flawless finish. As a result of its high contrast, the marble patterns appear more noticeable and more vibrant. The darker and lighter tones appear more pronounced than they would on a natural surface.


Polished and natural surfaces offer clients a stylish, contemporary finish, while our honed surfaces allow them to express their creativity through subtle visual details. Honed surfaces have a luxurious silky smooth and velvety finish similar to satin. They may appear slightly richer in contrast to a Natural surface but less so than a Polished one making it the perfect choice for the client who wants the best of both worlds. Honed porcelain surfaces are nonporous and cannot be damaged by moisture, unlike quarried stone. The result is a highly stylised yet durable finish that does not require sealing and boasts superior chip and scratch resistance.



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